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Gutenberg! The Musical

A buddy of mine has started a kickstarter for his musical. You should check it out and help if you can.
Gutenberg! The Musical!

Written by Anthony King and Scott Brown, Gutenberg: The Musical is a two-man musical comedy about aspiring playwrights, Bud and Doug. Hoping that someone in the audience will come forward to throw millions behind their ill-advised and historically inaccurate laughable musical, Bud and Doug perform every role in the show, switching hats and voices at a breakneck pace to help their audience keep track of the characters. By the end of the show, patrons will wonder who they are really rooting for: Johann Gutenberg, in his struggle against the evil Monk for universal literacy, or Bud and Doug, in their own naive, valiant, and heartfelt battle for their own theatrical dreams! More!